Request: Taeyang’s Go Show Boots

taeyang 2012 big bang go show yg familyRequested by: Gordon

Big Bang recently appeared on Go Hyun Jung‘s new variety show “Go Show,” where they discussed all kinds of things from dating  and ideal types to the spending habits of the group members–most notably, Taeyang‘s frugal nature. To prove to his band mates that he wasn’t as cheap as they thought, he decided to splurge for a whole month. One can imagine that is when he bought some of the items he wore to the show.

The K-pop singer wore a combination of tops from the 2012 Spring/Summer and Resort collections from Givenchy. A floral print top with a vibrant kaleidoscope of irises and birds of paradise ($660) was layered under a cropped green sweater ($490), much like the one worn by Hyori when Big Bang appeared as guests on “You & I.”

The requested item is what really breaks the bank though–his boots! The “Lost Stars” combat boots are from Philipp Plein ring up to a whopping $1,140. They feature a studded tongue and charm-decorated laces.

taeyang 2012 big bang go show yg family

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