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shinee key sherlock comeback 2012 kpop fashion star shorts joyrichRequested by: Kacper

SHINee has been grabbing all kinds of headlines for their highly-anticipated comeback to the K-pop scene this year, and of course, we’ve been talking about their fashion here! One of our readers is dying to know who made the denim star-print shorts that Key has worn for both the “Sherlock” MV and their first stage on Mnet’s M Countdown.

The item is from the Star Brigade line from Joyrich, a brand that is uber-popular among pretty much everyone in K-pop. While Key wears the light denim pair that features white stars, they actually come in a number of color schemes including black/white, white/red & even plaid/white! These shorts retail for about $140.

Key keeps a star theme throughout his ensemble, with the shape appearing on both his t-shirt and denim jacket. He also wears a beaded W necklace from Walter Van Beirendonck ($152). His Pierre Hardy sneakers were previously identified as part of another stage outfit.

shinee key sherlock comeback 2012 kpop fashion star shorts joyrich

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  • Wayne_wong84

    I want to know more about his jacket, which band ?

    • Kfashionista

      I’m still looking in to that one, I love his jacket! I saw that it is similar to Minho’s (they both had stars on them) and Minho’s says Tomboy across the back. There is a Tomboy Jeans brand in Korea, but I haven’t been able to confirm if that is what this jacket is or not T___T

  • plumerillo1

    Where can I buy them? I can’t find it online

    • Kfashionista

      I haven’t been able to find the denim/white ones he wears for sale online anywhere. I’ve mostly seen the black/white or the white/red. Joyrich’s US site doesn’t have an online store, but some of their official sites for other countries do (like Korea).

    • Kfashionista

      The Korean Joyrich site finally has these shorts listed!

  • Yeeleng0926

    what about his shoes ?

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