Dal Shabet’s Serri is a “Hit” in Fleamadonna

dal shabet serri hit u kpop fashionAt this year’s ceremony for the end of the Korean Basketball League season, the 2012 KBL Awards, K-pop girl group Dal Shabet were in attendance to perform their most recent single “Hit U.” Member Serri looked hot in a mini-dress from Korean brand Fleamadonna. The “My Favorite Mesh Dress” is from the 2012 Spring/Summer collection from the label. The silk-like body of the  dress is made from a black fabric printed with shells, jewelry and other trinkets, as well as two rows of mini skulls at the hem; the long sleeves are a sheer mesh, hence the item’s name. The print is featured heavily in a variety of styles for this season’s Fleamadonna collection. While the girls of Dal Shabet are no longer actively promoting “Hit U,” they have already made plans for another comeback this summer.

 dal shabet serri hit u kpop fashion
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