After School’s Jooyeon in Joyrich

after school jooyeon kmw 2012 kpop fashionK-pop girl group After School was one of many performers in Thailand recently for the 2012 MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok. Opening the show to the teasing strains of Orange Caramel‘s “Bangkok City,” they instead did a little shuffle dancing before performing a string of hits including “Diva,” “Shampoo” and “Because of You.”

Their funky, colorful stage clothes were reminiscent of their debut days, and founding member Jooyeon was no exception. She sported a dolman-style Star Brigade jacket from Joyrich ($186) paired with denim Cash Flow shorts from the same brand ($230). The shorts are embellished with dollar signs on the front and back, and feature extra-long pockets with stars and stripes that match up well with the motif of her jacket. She also wore a pair of Puma RS100 speckle sneakers ($83) in white-gray with florescent accents including the orange soles, yellow laces and aqua piping.

After School is currently preparing for their 3-city tour Japanese concert tour to take place at the end of April. Their next K-pop comeback is schedule for June 21.

after school jooyeon kmw 2012 kpop fashion

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