4minute “Volume Up” MV Fashion

The ladies of 4minute are finally back on the K-pop scene with the release of their 3rd mini-album Volume Up! Cube spared no expenses for the MV for the title track of their comeback, reportedly spending over $130,000 for the lavish sets used in the video. During the dancing scenes, the group can be seen in a somewhat Gothic with cathedral ceilings, dancing in brightly-patterned attire. All of the members are wearing items from the final D&G Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Dolce & Gabbana’s now defunct diffusion brand was known for being more flamboyant than the parent label, as the pieces worn by 4minute can attest. This collection drew inspiration from silk scarves and is reminiscent of classic Versace. The pieces are a mix of foulard, stripes and butterflies mixed in with denim and t-shirts and basically summed up everything that D&G was; it even featured scarve-wrapped wedges and heels.

Jihyun wore a button down with denim pocket accents paired with a flowing scarf skirt, while Jiyoon can be seen in a pair of patterned pants with a cropped jacket. Hyuna skinny jeans are belted with a scarf that matches her tank top. Gayoon wears a dress similar to Jihyun’s skirt, that features a t-shirt style back. Finally, Sohyun wears a top with denim sleeves paired with shorts. While this D&G collection featured a wide variety of prints, the same red, navy and gold design was featured in each member’s outfit to give a cohesive feel to their distinctly different ensembles.

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