SHINee’s Sherlock Comeback: Minho

shinee comeback 2012 sherlock minho kpop fashionSHINee‘s first comeback stage for their “Sherlock” promotions was on Mnet’s M Countdown. So far, most of the boys’ fashion from their first song “Stranger” have been covered, and last but not least is K-pop’s “Flaming Charisma,” Minho. Keeping with the overall theme exhibited in the other members’ style, Minho looked completely the part of street punk in his cut-off leather vest dripping in silver paint as well as in his bleach splattered skinnies with a thick silver chain around his neck. He wore a “Drippy” tee from Long Clothing ($100) that tied in the paint elements from his vest nicely. Much like Onew, he wore Diet Butcher Slim Skin high tops ($743), although he went with a much simpler white pair with contrasting black laces. Check back with Kfashionista for continued K-pop fashion coverage of SHINee’s comeback promotions!

shinee comeback 2012 sherlock minho kpop fashion shinee comeback 2012 sherlock minho kpop fashion
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