SHINee Sherlock Comeback: Taemin

shinee taemin sherlock comeback 2012 kpop fashionBy now, everyone probably already knows that Taemin‘s wacky striped shirt worn for SHINee‘s “Sherlock” comeback on Mnet’s M Countdown is from the mind of Finnish designer Daniel Palillo, the same designer of Key‘s skull shirt. The maknae’s black and white top definitely stood out amongst the other members attire since it features a row of 3D pyramids across the shoulders. He wore the item with loose gray shorts over bedazzled leggings. But the best part of Taemin’s ensemble was overshadowed by this attention-grabbing top–take a look at the dance machine’s feet. He is sporting an amazing pair of kicks from CA by Cinzia Araia ($373) that feature a unique ankle-wrap design. The style is called “Rabbit” due to the two long ear-like straps that can be tied in a variety of ways to make for a very versatile shoe.

shinee taemin sherlock comeback 2012 kpop fashion shinee taemin sherlock comeback 2012 kpop fashion
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