Poll: Changmin vs Jun-hyung

Time for another Kfashionista Poll! This time we are featuring members from two very popular K-pop groups. Both TVXQ and Beast have been busy with tours lately, with the former traveling around Japan for their successful 2012 “TONE” tour while the latter has hit up several spots in Asia (and Germany!) for their ongoing world tour “Beautiful Show.” In that time, TVXQ’s Changmin and Beast’s Jun-hyung have been spotted in the same Buffalo print Balmain t-shirt ($333).

Changmin was spotted wearing the tee while strolling through Gimpo Airport after the SM duo recently returned to Korea. He wore his under a black cardigan and scarf along with a pair of black wash Balmain jeans ($485). He’s hiding his eyes behind a pair of dark Chanel sunglasses, but showing of his fresh new hairstyle.

Jun-hyung, on the other hand, wore his on stage with a Comme des Garçons chain link printed blazer ($1,180). The shirt was tucked into a pair of dark skinny jeans and accessorized with a plain black Balmain belt. Even though he was wearing this ensemble on stage, it was still had the same casual feel to it that Changmin’s had without being to flashy.

So who wore it better?


(Balmain [1][2], SooYing, FavoriteSCM [1], Yong1219 [1]) 

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  • minzybinzy

    Jun-hyung! Woot!

  • ChangminFashionist


  • minzybinzy

    Changmin is the monkey ears of airport fashion

    • puff

      lol u mad?

      and Jonghyun is a stupid clown dog of aroport fashion.


      so smart of you being butthurt.

      • puff


        • minzybinzy

          Well I don’t get why Changmin even needs to be in an airport. Dumbo could fly without a plane.

          • puff

            LOL clown should live in circus …

          • minzybinzy

            Are you shipping? Cuz I think dumbo lived in the circus too.

          • puff

            obviously… im just keep the butthurt play with you :)

    • Rokkumyuujikku

      You sound like a nasty person.

    • http://twitter.com/blue_faithinme jui

      U MAD?

  • christina

    I love Changmin so much

  • http://twitter.com/DelphineKireina Delphine Kireina

    Definitely Changmin :D

    But heck, $333 the t-shirt and $485 the jeans, that’s really a different world X_x
    *Already crying for jeans over 40 €…*

  • a_pluss

    Changmin +new hairstayle +sexy clothes=hjsfdbfs,jansb faslkj

  • puff

    Changmin is sexy

    Go Changmin!!!

  • http://www.shapercorset.com/ Corsets

    Both of them are not good.
    First, their prices are too hight.
    No, second.

    • pokerface

      who are you ? who the fuck care about your opinion.

      No you are not good.

  • Paperpower

    Of course~~~ Changmin~~

  • Cassiopeia


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002047556716 Salma Mohammed

    of course jun-hyung .

  • http://twitter.com/Hoya_55555 JYJ from 東方神起

    The King Changmin

  • http://twitter.com/TheKingYunho The King Yunho

    my min min of course

  • Minjae3

    changmini of course :3

  • Kim Kim

    Yay changmin

  • Apinchane

    stop it’s just fashion….
    it’s their style..if u like u will love it, and if u don’t, U not allowed to criticize, with bad criticize….
    but I love CM style coz it’s look casual…..and gorgeous

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  • http://www.facebook.com/vampiremoka Andrea Vasquez

    chagmin is a perfect boy

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