SHINee Sherlock Comeback: Onew

SHINee Sherlock Onew Comeback 2012 kpop fashionWe’ve seen Jonghyun‘s “Sherlock” fashion from their first comeback stage, and now it is the SHINee leader’s turn! Onew took the Mnet M Countdown stage last week in a very striking denim jacket that featured buckles down both sleeves. The design is from the increasingly popular Kokon to Zai (KTZ) label’s S/S 2012 collection ($350). With it he wore a Union Jack Skull tee ($15) from another UK brand, Joystick Junkies. This streetwear label focuses their fashion on video game pop culture, and it is evidenced in this design, since the skull is made up of a bunch of tiny little Space Invader-like aliens. The British heritage of Sherlock Holmes is certainly being felt in Onew’s wardrobe–maybe this SHINee comeback was inspired by their promotional K-pop events in London last year? Finally, his looked is finished off with a pair of leopard print high tops from Diet Butcher Slim Skin ($782). Stay tuned for the fashion finds of Taemin, Key and Minho from M Countdown!

SHINee Sherlock Onew Comeback 2012 kpop fashion SHINee Sherlock Onew Comeback 2012 kpop fashion

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