Airport Fashion: CL in Chanel

투애니원, 2NE1, CL, "Lee Chae Rin", Lee Chae-rin" 이채린 chanel 투애니원, 2NE1, CL, "Lee Chae Rin", Lee Chae-rin" 이채린 chanel
When the ladies of 2NE1 headed to Japan for the YG Family concert, CL was looking every bit the baddest female in her leather jacket, spiked clutch and Wolford bondage tights.  Her oft-worn Chrome Hearts sunglasses paired with a knit cowl scarf helped to shield her face from the cameras.  The hidden gem of her outfit, however, is her boots.  The steel-toed satin lace-up shoes are from the latest Chanel collection for Pre-Fall 2012.

"Chanel 2012 Pre-Fall "

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