BoA Bags A Birkin

When BoA showed up at a press conference for ‘Survival Audition K-pop Star‘ late last year in a $16,000 Balmain dress, she received lots of attention in the press for the extravagant price tag.  Now the Queen of K-pop is at it again!  Yesterday BoA attended the premiere of ‘Pacemaker‘ along with TVXQ in support of lead actress Go Ara, who is also from SM Entertainment.  The singer wore a simple double-breasted coat, gray skinny jeans and knee high boots.  The understated monotone ensemble allowed the beautiful blue bag dangling from her right arm to steal the spotlight.  This bag is none other than the very elusive and exclusive Hermes Birkin bag, in a 35 cm Dark Blue.  The Birkin is known for being hard to come by, and is fabled to have a waiting list which has led to it becoming one of the most counterfeited bags out there.  The starting price of this style is around $9000.

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  • Kitty Mama

    9k is pretty cheap for a birkin

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