Dark Infinite for W

The 7-member group Infinite are featured in the January 2012 issue of W Korea, showing them in many looks from mainly Korean brands.  In the dark setting, the boys have smokey eyes and robot-like accessories that give the shoot a futuristic, dystopian feel.  In the above photo, starting on the left, is Sung Yeol in a Codes Combine jacket, pants from JFT and Gourmet Footwear “The 40″ shoes.  His fur muffler is by Human Contential.  L’s leather jacket is from Mvio’s Fall 2011 collection, while his shirt and blazer are from the Spring 2011 line from Japanese brand JOHNLAWRENCESULLIVAN; the black pants are John Galliano.  Hoya has a System Homme cardigan layered over a Club Monaco shirt with jeans from Acne.  Dong Woo’s suit is from Solid Homme, with an apron overlay from Mvio.

Sung Gyu has on a Codes Combine sweater and Changjak Studio jacket, with pants from Zucca Travail.  Sung Jong’s layered look consists of a System Homme jacket over a Seven O vest topped off with a striped knit scarf from Thom Browne by 10 Corso Como.  His shoes are “The 31″ from Gourmet Footwear.  Finally, Woo Hyun is in a jacket from Bleeker, a Kai-aakmann sweater, pants from Thom Browne by 10 Corso Como and his scarf is a grey aran muffler from Customellow.  The robotic pieces are from Han Sang Hyuk for Absolut Mode and appear throughout the shoot.  Check out the pictures below for the rest of details on the shoot.

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