Modern Moon Chae Won

Actress Moon Chae Won had a stellar year with the popular drama The Princess’ Man as well as the movie War of the Arrows which were both period pieces.  She shed the hanboks recently, when attending the 19th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Art Awards where she was honored for both roles.  She received the Best Actress award for the drama and the Excellence Actress award for the movie.  The white mini-dress that features jeweled cuffs and split sleeves is called Pencey; it is from Elie Tahari’s 2012 Resort collection and currently sells for $698.  Her shoes are from Suecomma Bonnie, selling for $290.

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(Elie Tahari [1], Suecomma Bonnie [1], OSEN


  • Moonie_10

    Shes always look elegant,sexy,cute and beautifull in the sametime,i love everything about her so much,shes always will be my favorite actress forever.almost everyday Im visiting her blog in soompi,mcw fans facebook,tpm facebook,and especialy wonhoo ghost couple soompi forum.i love psh and mcw chemistry.but im sad because I just cant join them in soompi.but I enjoy reading their comment, news and articel about my princess moonie.i wish mcw fans still continue posting and sharing her news and make her blog still a life because I think I cant life without her.hoho…..from here I want to say hello anyonghaseyo special for Sapapun,Mamamarrsq,Mdnora,Cutecurly,Alethea33,Liaahx,Happy8j,Rintintintin,Miracle23,Happydoll3 and many more.thanks you so much dear…i love you all moon chaewon moonie lovers.from me shoeshemoonie,im waiting for your clip,fancam and good news from the kbs drama award tomorrow.if you reading this comment can you replay me in soompi hoho….bye

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