Designer Trouble Makers

HyunA and Hyunseung having been making headlines this week in anticipation of their joint project “Trouble Maker” and today, the new Cube Entertainment sub-unit released the much anticipated MV for the venture.  The story-line of the video presents an exciting “Spy vs. Spy” type of  feel where snooping and double-crossing abound.  In both the music video and the promotional photos, the duo were both spotted wearing items from the Fall/Winter 2011 Givenchy line.

HyunA wore a sheer top, with black sleeves over a black bra & shorts.  The model is seen wearing the same top over a dress.  Hyunseung wore a jacket from the menswear line that features a plaid pattern as well as a rottweiler motif.  In another photo he wears a Givenchy dress shirt that once again features the rottweiler design.

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